Friday, April 17, 2009

Right at our Front Door


We have a new family knocking on our door...

I had noticed that there was a little bird flying away every time we opened the front door. Well, it seems as though she has made a perfect little nest in my new wreath. It must have happened while we were away. It took a second and third glance before I realized that there were three little eggs in the nest.

I suppose she really likes the new Sunflower wreath! Now, what do we do when these eggs hatch???

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well... we are back from our trip to West Virginia! It was great spending time with family! I have to say; I am ready for a vacation from the vacation... Boomer and I STILL seem to be suffering from some type of allergy which really affected him most of the trip! We missed Mr. Rondeau terribly as he spent the week in NJ training.

Things should be returning to normal... as normal as things can be here in the land of Goosie and Boomer. The fence is going to be constructed this week in our backyard and there is ALL types of talk about getting a dog. Oh... and some fish. Actually, there was QUITE a discussion at the dinner table last night about what to name a dog. Boomer suggested "WALL-E" or "ROLY POLY OLIE." I can't really invision yelling either one of those names at the dog :).

So.... after a long 14 hour drive back to our great state... we are HOME! We appreciate Nana and Pop Pop putting up with our craziness for a week!