Sunday, September 27, 2009

What did you say?

Oh... today was one of those days where you wish you could rewind the whole morning and replay...
Like frantically jumping out of bed because you are supposed to SKYPE with the Mr. in t-minus 10 minutes and the computer is shut down and the kids are asleep... YES, why is it they sleep in on the morning you need them to get up and get going?
So... then, the Mr. and I are talking on the phone later (yes, double communication) and I kept saying "WHAT, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
did I mention..........repeatedly
oh, yeah, over and over.............

Then, Goose is reading her latest choice from her Library class.
I can't remember the exact title... I will share it tomorrow as I am upstairs and it is downstairs and I am lazy right now.
But, it goes something like this...
The prince is at the bottom of the tower and he yells to Rapunzel to let down her hair....
She thinks he said, "underwear."
and then.......
tons of giggles
more giggles
you get the picture.
For some reason, unknown to me :)
That line in the story got more giggles than one could imagine.
At least we know she can read!

Monday, September 21, 2009

They aren't Miracle Workers nor do they carry magic wands...

My neurosurgeon gave me a few weeks of no hand tremor or back pain. I will be grateful for those weeks...
Now, I reach my hand out to you... and it will tremble again... it is obvious, again.
I see the "Miracle Worker" tomorrow... hoping for an answer. Maybe stress has caused my spinal cord to swell, again.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Reaching out...

This morning I turned on my laptop that I have been hoarding by my bed this week... It was very early but I woke and wanted to see if there was a message from the Mr.

I was excited to see that he had made some FB comments to me and then in the bottom of my screen I see the green checkmark bouncing with a "1"... could it be? Is he "SKYPING" me? Did he see that I was awake? DAMN! I did not bring up the webcam... my head is screaming expletives!!!!! I click and behold!

I SEE HIS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks be to the Heavens above that he did not see me with a downpour exploding from my eyes!
I would type messages and he would speak! I would answer his verbal questions as quickly as possible with my high school typing skills... Thank goodness for those Mavis Bacon tutorials I sat through with my GED students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was amazing... we agreed to try again later that morning with the kids... my day was turned around and wonderful!
The kids marveled in seeing the Mr.

In the darkness of my room, this morning when I saw his face I wanted to teleport him back to us. I wanted to touch his face and tell him how much I love him...

In all of this glory, I thought about how I have been reaching out to God more now than ever before... I have had moments in my life where I blamed the Great Creator... where I doubted Him. But after the birth of my children and my life with my husband... my doubts have ceased and I need strength. I am beginning to have daily pain again and I pray to the Heavens that it is just stress. It is hurting to walk again at times... to get up off the floor. I pray this is a fluke.

One other thing I find amazing about "reaching out." I'm learning that those that REALLY matter... are the ones that are my support systems. Not the ones calling to gossip but my geniune friends have been reaching out to us. I am amazed at some people and their unwillingness to reach out to us... but I am learning to not expect things in return and to merely do things because you want to do them and not expect anything in your time of need.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank you...

I have been lack in posting this week but I would like to thank all that are checking and reading this blog.
I have been really busy and exhausted, too...
I would love to thank everyone for the calls, notes, emails and funny FB messages that keep me laughing.
Today, I had an xray to see if the surgery fused my vertebrae... it was a very painful experience as they made me hold weights to pull my shoulders down in order to get a clear view.
I see the surgeon next week so I will know where we go from here...
This has been a very difficult week for Goosie so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers...
Our love to all!

Friday, September 11, 2009

How long is 5 months anyway?

5 months equals:

1/2 pregnancy
1/2 school year
20 weekends (at least)

what is 5 months to you????????
leave comments... I know your reading! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Structure makes us feel safe...

Goodness... the days are starting to roll! I cannot believe how much the calendar filled for the rest of September.
We will be on the move and keeping our minds occupied! WITH HAPPY THOUGHTS!
I love this time of year that includes field trips to orchards to pick apples, storytime at the Library, and pumpkin spice candles burning in the kitchen!
With the Mr. gone... I'm determined to rejoice in the coming of Autumn! There are jack-o-laterns to light in the evenings and the costumes are made and purchased!
Plus, any day that I get a phone call from overseas is a GREAT one!
Our days are so structured that it is working out well for us! We often find comfort in the predictable...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If Boomer Could Blog

My Daddy called today...
He is far away.
I cried at the sound of his voice...
everyone wondered why I did not rejoice.
I'm screaming hourly in my sleep.
Most boys are slumbering without a peep.
My Mommy's pacing the floor...
It's months before Daddy comes back through that door....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Makin' It...

Being minus one Rondeau is not easy. I think we blew a million kisses towards the seas tonight.
We are makin' it, though!
One thing is making it very easy...
please visit:

It has made things a little easier in dealing with everyone's emotions.
I love the emails, facebook IM's, and phone calls! It really helps! Having my parents here has been amazing, too. It allows me to take "breaks" and get myself together.
If you have a moment, say a prayer for the Crew!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

family portraits... early this year

photos by J. Crawford Photography
This year, our portaits had to be done early. Every year in the past, we get dressed up in our "Christmas attire" and head to a studio and take a yearly shot.
This year...due to circumstances... we had to take them early if we wanted to have them at all.
The Mr. asked a dear friend of ours, Mrs. Jessica (as the kids call her) if she would take our photos. I'm so glad she agreed! We have some marvelous photos that capture the real Rondeaus... not the studio Rondeaus.
When someone does something like this for you, how do you ever repay them... words cannot express the appreciation for the gift that will last us a lifetime!
Mrs. Jessica is wonderfully talented!
I am so thankful she agreed!