Sunday, September 6, 2009

family portraits... early this year

photos by J. Crawford Photography
This year, our portaits had to be done early. Every year in the past, we get dressed up in our "Christmas attire" and head to a studio and take a yearly shot.
This year...due to circumstances... we had to take them early if we wanted to have them at all.
The Mr. asked a dear friend of ours, Mrs. Jessica (as the kids call her) if she would take our photos. I'm so glad she agreed! We have some marvelous photos that capture the real Rondeaus... not the studio Rondeaus.
When someone does something like this for you, how do you ever repay them... words cannot express the appreciation for the gift that will last us a lifetime!
Mrs. Jessica is wonderfully talented!
I am so thankful she agreed!

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leo and hilary said...

I am so appreciative of these pictures. I look at them on my desk every day and it makes being so far apart just a little bit easier.