Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wonderful Day...

Yesterday started out a bit hectic but ended wonderfully! I had to go to the post office, get a birthday gift, drop Goose off at Preschool, and head to Michael's to get some more paper to cut with the Cricut :).

All of this while still on the meds for Bronchitis and barely having energy after taking a few steps.

ANYWAY! Leo and I decided to do some individual time with the kids.

I picked up Goosie from preschool and we headed down the street to the The Gathering Place tea house where she had her birthday party. We had a wonderful lunch together and she wore one of the special hats that Ms. Thel has in her restaurant. Thel has some adorable vintage hats for women to wear when they come for tea. It was so nice for Goosie and I to have lunch together and I quickly realized that this is coming to an end as she heads to full day Kindergarten next year.

Goosie needed a haircut so we headed across the street for a trim. I know it sounds simple but that is the way we like it here... no chaos, just good simple times and fun! Sometimes I am amazed... she was born in DC and rode the Metro to have lunch with her Daddy when she was so tiny and now we are in the Midwest in a small town where everything is down the street and across the street (although we are 20 minutes or so from St. Louis).

I am so thankful for the moments with her and Boomer. By the way, Boomer went to lunch with Daddy and then on a trip to the Library where he had the best time ever... 'cause that boy loves his books :).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catching the Moment...


Okay... I know she is going to kill me for posting this... but, I wanted to share this photo.

I cannot bear to take posed, stark, studio shots. My goal is to catch life "in the moment."

I love this picture. If you knew the people behind it, this picture fits them completely.

I hope they love it as much as I do...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Biggest Challenge for me...


This cake was my biggest challenge ever! I made it for some very special twins and their parents! There is not one thing on this cake that isn't edible... except for the cup... the inside of the cup is painted with white chocolate, stuffed with marshmallows and then fondant on top. It was for a "Milk and Cookies" birthday party. The cake was made to replicate the invitation made by the very special Mommy! Even the plate is made of fondant!
We had a grand time at the party and I was able to do over 230 photographs (STILL EDITING) and then a family photo shoot back at their house. Yes, it was quite a busy time... the cake was approximately a three day project... the cookies were made of fondant and then chocolate chunks were placed in and on each cookie. So... if I'm not reading blogs... I'm taking pics and baking cakes :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

The flu, the call, the guilt, and the Cricut

Things are slowly returning to normal here in our little plot of land and home in IL.
We all had the flu... I'm still coughing and Goosie missed three days of school last week. Boomer is a tough cookie and seemed to make it through with just a runny nose. Plus, Alden and I had to make 52 Valentines through all the fever and aches... UGH!

This week was a rollercoaster... well... one day in particular. We received a call that Leo would be heading to Afghanistan in August. It would be a six month tour. Of course, I was sad and he was too as we started to immediately calculate all the things he would miss... Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays... all alone here without him.


a little while later....

The phone rings, again.

It's his supervisor...

They decided to take someone else from his office...

I feel so guilty for being overjoyed. I feel guilty for wanting Leo home now knowing that someone else is going to be without a father and husband for those six months... I know... it's probably rediculous but I still feel guilty for being happy that Leo isn't going.

BUT... it looks like November is going to be the time that he may leave anyway... we will see and no sense in worrying now. I love him so much and it seems like I am counting the days until retirement and we don't have to worry about just when he is going to deploy and where he might be going.

Onward.... My Mom and Dad sent me a CRICUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo in love with this crazy machine!!!! It came with four cartridges so I have been playing and playing! Stay tuned for some Cricut magic :)!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I really did post a new one...

However, it is below this post. EVERY time I went to add to my post, it would eliminate my video... so frustrating. So... the post previous to this one is a photo "video" with music. ENJOY!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tea Party Celebration at The Gathering Place Tea House

Here are the photos from Goosie's 5th Birthday Tea Party! It was a great time and Mrs. Thel that owns the Gathering Place was FABULOUS! She insisted on real china... and none was broken by the end of the party! (however, we left her some feathers...I'm afraid :). It was so nice to see mothers and daughters sharing time together! Alden has some very beautiful friends and in turn... the Mommies were quite lovely, too! I would like to thank Nana and Pop Pop for driving through a snow storm, working hard to help with set up, and simply "being there" for us on this wonderful day! Thank you to all for joining us!

Tea Party photos....

I am working diligently on the tea party photos! I can't wait to share the fun!
Two of Goosie and Boomer's two favorite people are leaving today to go home... Nana and Pop Pop... so we are a little sad...
However, we will share the joy of our weekend diva fun soon!