Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to get "FREE" clothes...

I was able to score a ton of clothes the other week for "free." I say "free" because this does cost time but not money. The Mr. and I use MyPoints. MyPoints requires a bit of time. You have to click on links that are sent to your inbox and for each link you receive 5 points. For each survey you complete, you can earn up to 60 points, you even get 10 points if you don't qualify. There are several other ways to earn points: purchase through their website ( you go to MyPoints, look for your merchant, click the link and order your items and then you will receive so many points per dollar spent), print grocery coupons through their website and earn points for each coupon redeemed or simply do online searches and receive points.

So... how did I score clothes? The Mr. and I "cashed in" our points for $100 worth of Old Navy gift cards. I went to the St. Louis Mommy website (you don't have to live in the St. Louis area to get the Old Navy coupon advice) and click on Old Navy. She will tell you how to find the hidden coupons on the Old Navy website. We printed a $15 off a $75 dollar purchase coupon.
Next, off to Old Navy we go..... It just so happened that the weekend we went to Old Navy it was 50% off all clearance prices. SCORE!!!!! We were able to fill a huge bag of clothes at the checkout and walked away with $33.00 remaining on the gift card. We did buy some clothes for the Fall 2010 season. If you have the room for storage, this is a great opportunity. Plus, it was the "FUNdamentals" sale (which is still going on this weekend)... that helped tremendously. Think about "timeless" choices such as polos or plain colored shorts, jeans, etc. Trendy clothes will come and go but some of the classic items will work for quite some time. Layering is in style... grab some polos and put a long sleeve T-shirt underneath to keep the kids warm ;).
If you don't know how to sign up for MyPoints... I would gladly send you the link. You can build a group of people and earn points from them as they earn points... send me an email and I can link you up to the "FREE" stuff. My email:

If you feel you don't have time for this, think about the amount of time you spend on Facebook, Farmville, etc... it WILL pay off... I have been doing this for years now. I am a stay-at-home mom and this is my little contribution money wise.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pizza, Pizza!!

We finally found the pizza stone and bought a pizza paddle! We made two pizzas last night and I believe I am going to have a difficult time ordering pizzas ever again!
Goosie and Boomer had a pizza with sausage, pepperoni and four cheeses... The Mr. and I had a proscuitto, goat cheese, and basil pizza with a tomato/basil sauce. It was so YUMMY!
It is so nice to have someone to share good food with, again!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Our car ;)

We chose a Dodge Caliber SXT! It is a 2008 that had less than 15,000 miles! We were able to get a sweet deal and more on our trade in than we figured! I am happy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forgetting the Jones'

Okay, I am going to rant... prepare yourself. No, brace yourself. The Mr. returned from Iraq. We have decided to keep the homecoming a private one but I can tell you that there is no feeling like seeing your husband come toward you and your children after being gone for 5.5 months! Pure bliss... shaking, crying, hugging and kissing!

He came home and found the "yellow card." The "yellow card" explains that our van is due for emissions testing by April. Oh. Joy. It probably won't pass. Our van has seen some good times and has even assisted in finishing a basement among other fun times!

So the "yellow card" has thrust us into car buying.
Lesson #1. Don't tell people you are in the market for a car. Almost as much unwanted advice as being pregnant.
#2 I AM IN NO WAY INTERESTED IN KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES'. My self worth is not based on a big car or the payment that goes with it! Isn't it okay to simply say... I like small, small is good, almost no payment is good... AND MY KIDS WILL BE ABLE TO GO TO FREAKING COLLEGE DUE TO MY FRUGALITY!!!
(I warned you about the rant!)
Lesson #3... if you feel this rant is directed towards you; it isn't directed at anyone other than the American way of thinking that big is best and we have something to prove. Get over it; it isn't about YOU... in particular.
Lesson #4... I used to LOVE the thrill of negotiation. I'm over it. I'm so over this rediculousness that we feel is necessary in order to make a major purchase.
Lesson #5. I mourn the loss of the era of no car payment. 11 years for me and 9 for the Mr.

Lesson #6. I hate the "yellow card."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It never ceases and many other thoughts

Today, when I was shoveling snow, bundling kids, making breakfast, pulling my arthritic legs in front of me, and getting frustrated with all in my way... I stopped and thought.
This is coming to an end. I can count on three fingers the meals that someone has brought me and that's pushing it because my husband ordered a pizza for us from Iraq. I have family and just a few friends locally that check on us regularly. I don't want another deployed spouse to go through this.
I try not to be angry sometimes but what happened to help thy neighbor, rally the troops, am I wrong for feeling this way? You know how you get peace of mind... don't expect anything from anyone and you will be surprised when something does happen.
We all know that I had that piece of spine removed three weeks before Mr. left. I wonder how some people would cope with such a thing? Not one week went by that the sheets weren't washed, the linens weren't washed, clothes weren't ironed, toilets weren't scrubbed and stories weren't read... Goosie never went to school without her lunch packed or without me walking her into school.
I'm venting but I'm going to turn that into something productive... just wait and see!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Goosie turned 6

Goosie had a great birthday! (and I'm glad I got these pictures up before Valentine's Day;)
She wanted a fairy tale cottage cake and Mommy delivered! I love that I have been able to make their cakes since their first birthday! Thanks to growing up working with the caterer in the family and the cake decorating classes my parents gave me as a gift while pregnant with Boomer!
We should be 10 days away from hugging the Mr! Oh, the tears of joy that will be shed!
Now, could someone tell me how to cure 5.5 months of neglect to my body in 10 days? ;)