Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forgetting the Jones'

Okay, I am going to rant... prepare yourself. No, brace yourself. The Mr. returned from Iraq. We have decided to keep the homecoming a private one but I can tell you that there is no feeling like seeing your husband come toward you and your children after being gone for 5.5 months! Pure bliss... shaking, crying, hugging and kissing!

He came home and found the "yellow card." The "yellow card" explains that our van is due for emissions testing by April. Oh. Joy. It probably won't pass. Our van has seen some good times and has even assisted in finishing a basement among other fun times!

So the "yellow card" has thrust us into car buying.
Lesson #1. Don't tell people you are in the market for a car. Almost as much unwanted advice as being pregnant.
#2 I AM IN NO WAY INTERESTED IN KEEPING UP WITH THE JONES'. My self worth is not based on a big car or the payment that goes with it! Isn't it okay to simply say... I like small, small is good, almost no payment is good... AND MY KIDS WILL BE ABLE TO GO TO FREAKING COLLEGE DUE TO MY FRUGALITY!!!
(I warned you about the rant!)
Lesson #3... if you feel this rant is directed towards you; it isn't directed at anyone other than the American way of thinking that big is best and we have something to prove. Get over it; it isn't about YOU... in particular.
Lesson #4... I used to LOVE the thrill of negotiation. I'm over it. I'm so over this rediculousness that we feel is necessary in order to make a major purchase.
Lesson #5. I mourn the loss of the era of no car payment. 11 years for me and 9 for the Mr.

Lesson #6. I hate the "yellow card."


Pernilla said...

Isn't it fun how everyone always knows better than you?

Jessica Crawford said...

You are too cute :) Now what you really need is a big giant truck... Kidding!! I hope you guys find what you are looking for! The right one will show its face soon. I know how annoying it is to deal with the salespeople...ugh :)

Leo Rondeau said...

Jessica, I would love a big, giant truck, but I am with my wife that the small monthly payment is in line! I love your truck and would love to have one. I miss my truck. :( I really do.