Monday, February 8, 2010

Goosie turned 6

Goosie had a great birthday! (and I'm glad I got these pictures up before Valentine's Day;)
She wanted a fairy tale cottage cake and Mommy delivered! I love that I have been able to make their cakes since their first birthday! Thanks to growing up working with the caterer in the family and the cake decorating classes my parents gave me as a gift while pregnant with Boomer!
We should be 10 days away from hugging the Mr! Oh, the tears of joy that will be shed!
Now, could someone tell me how to cure 5.5 months of neglect to my body in 10 days? ;)


Pernilla said...

Listen, that "neglect" of your body won't matter. That neglect is because you have spent your every waking minute with and for your kids. Your body rocks! And I am sure there is one Mr. out there that thinks the same.

Pernilla said...

And that cake looks yummy!!!!!

Leo Rondeau said...

Pernilla is right! I can only imagine all the difficulties you've been through while I've been away. The thought of holding you in my arms again has been keeping me going these last few weeks!