Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It never ceases and many other thoughts

Today, when I was shoveling snow, bundling kids, making breakfast, pulling my arthritic legs in front of me, and getting frustrated with all in my way... I stopped and thought.
This is coming to an end. I can count on three fingers the meals that someone has brought me and that's pushing it because my husband ordered a pizza for us from Iraq. I have family and just a few friends locally that check on us regularly. I don't want another deployed spouse to go through this.
I try not to be angry sometimes but what happened to help thy neighbor, rally the troops, am I wrong for feeling this way? You know how you get peace of mind... don't expect anything from anyone and you will be surprised when something does happen.
We all know that I had that piece of spine removed three weeks before Mr. left. I wonder how some people would cope with such a thing? Not one week went by that the sheets weren't washed, the linens weren't washed, clothes weren't ironed, toilets weren't scrubbed and stories weren't read... Goosie never went to school without her lunch packed or without me walking her into school.
I'm venting but I'm going to turn that into something productive... just wait and see!


Pernilla said...

You rock! I still can't believe how you have managed all of this. I really can't.
And I really can't believe that people don't see that.
Wish I could have sent you dinners from here... ;)

Leo Rondeau said...

You have done amazingly well. I am dissapointed that you didn't get more help, but I'm not surprised. I will do everything in my power to make it up to you when I am home.

Pernilla said...

And soon you are! I am so excited! Lots of love to you both, you both did extremely well coping with this! I love you guys!