Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wonderful Day...

Yesterday started out a bit hectic but ended wonderfully! I had to go to the post office, get a birthday gift, drop Goose off at Preschool, and head to Michael's to get some more paper to cut with the Cricut :).

All of this while still on the meds for Bronchitis and barely having energy after taking a few steps.

ANYWAY! Leo and I decided to do some individual time with the kids.

I picked up Goosie from preschool and we headed down the street to the The Gathering Place tea house where she had her birthday party. We had a wonderful lunch together and she wore one of the special hats that Ms. Thel has in her restaurant. Thel has some adorable vintage hats for women to wear when they come for tea. It was so nice for Goosie and I to have lunch together and I quickly realized that this is coming to an end as she heads to full day Kindergarten next year.

Goosie needed a haircut so we headed across the street for a trim. I know it sounds simple but that is the way we like it here... no chaos, just good simple times and fun! Sometimes I am amazed... she was born in DC and rode the Metro to have lunch with her Daddy when she was so tiny and now we are in the Midwest in a small town where everything is down the street and across the street (although we are 20 minutes or so from St. Louis).

I am so thankful for the moments with her and Boomer. By the way, Boomer went to lunch with Daddy and then on a trip to the Library where he had the best time ever... 'cause that boy loves his books :).

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Pernilla said...

That sounded so nice! We did that today too, Big one and I went to the theatre and Jens stayed at home with the little maniac (she has been a pain the last few days). After giving him a hard time she fell asleep on the sofa. But still. They had some quality time too... :)

I love to hang with them separately sometimes, I think they do too!