Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Craft Projects

Staying inside proved to be a good thing this weekend! I was able to get a few projects done yesterday. I cut vinyl for the first time with the Cricut and Alden and I made a birthday present for her classmate, Lexi. Lexi is having a birthday party today and we wanted to personalize her gifts so the vinyl and these finds from Michael's made the project an easy one!

Lexi loves to draw and color so we cut the vinyl to personalize her craft station and filled it with items such as a sketch book, crayons, watercolors, washable markers, construction paper, etc.

I had time, while resting from that darn bronchitis, to take two headbands (for kids) from WalMart and embellish them. I found some polka dot ribbon and made it into korker ribbon. Then, sewed coordinating buttons onto the headbands and TADA... new spring headbands! The flower ones were SUPER easy... I did stitch the flowers on a bit and then hot glued to reinforce.

We are headed to the fabric store before the birthday party to find the smocked material to start making Spring dresses!


Sara said...

Awesome job, Hilary! I'm sure the your daughter's friend will LOVE all of her presents.

My son has the same tray in green. Where did you purchase the vinyl? You're inspiring me to get my cricut machine out and start using it more often. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Goosie and Boomer Bowtique said...

THANK YOU! I purchased the vinyl at WalMart here in IL. I suggest that you buy the "transfer sheets," too if you are going to put the vinyl on something (tray, wall, etc.)
If you want to etch glass then just the vinyl will do. The transfer sheets help with the burnishing without tearing the vinyl.
Have fun cutting!!!!

Jessica Crawford said...

Love it! You are so creative!

Staci said...

Looks GREAT!

Lisha said... are addicted! Looks great.