Thursday, March 26, 2009

Passing of Birdman...ode to a Stonebridge resident

If you ever followed our personal blog, you know all about the birdhouse fiasco across the street from our old house in West Virginia. Leo and I would plot and devise way to rid ourselves of the 14 birdhouses across the street from our home.

I remember vividly, the day a most brilliant storm whipped through our area and knocked the poor "gourd" house down... I was immediately on the phone with my fellow neighbors rejoicing in the event... only to look out my window mere moments later to see that it was being repaired and placed back into an upright position, once again.

The male owner of this birdhouse became sick before we left our first home. He always had back problems so we assumed we hadn't seen him due to his back hurting... but no, it was an aggressive form of brain cancer. And... despite our differences over the birdhouse (and their infamous driveway where their van lost control one day and nearly took out our garage) we enjoyed the birdman and it was always something to talk about... like our cars looking as though they were parked at a beachside resort from all the droppings.

Yesterday, we received the call from Boomer's Godparents (they lived right next door to us)... the owner of the birdhouse died. He is gone... second neighbor in about a year. Both to cancer. One neighbor suffered for years and the other had little time to battle... virtually inoperable. It's a sad day here at the Goosie and Boomer house. Despite differences that you have with someone, you NEVER wish to hear of someone's loss. He was a brother, husband, grandfather, son, and neighbor... Now, he flies with his friends, the birds, soaring through Heaven.


Cameron said...

I had a feeling he passed away. I looked down when at the stop sign and saw a lot of cars. It is very sad no matter what the differences were. And yes, he provided lots of entertainment and he allowed us to be creative in imagining ways to get that **&&%% down. There is not doubt he is not in anymore pain and he is soaring high above us with the birds. Rest in peace birdman. Losing anyone is so hard. I will lift his family up in prayer.

PS...just to make you smile. (not being mean (Maybe he requested to be buried with it. We didn't think of that one. (;

Lisha said...

That is so sad and I pray the family is surrounded by beautiful memories and support. We did get a lot of giggles out of the birdhouse but never at his expense.

Goosie and Boomer Bowtique said...

You are so right... and what if it did come down... or maybe it is at "half staff." Oh... I should be so ashamed of myself!
Remember the day we were all on the phone as shingles were flying by from that storm... not talking about the fact that we were all huddled in our basements but that we were celebrating the fallen birdhouses :).
I think when I come home... we should put some underwear up there in memoriam of him... or Leo's favorite idea of firecrackers!

Cameron said...

Love the idea of an "in memory" of him with something on the post. I am sure if he knew what we were up too, he would be smiling that he made such an impact on us and gave us so many laughs.

Goosie and Boomer Bowtique said...

Okay, Ladies, gather your ideas... when I get "home" we need some margaritas and a scheme :).