Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A part never shared...

Last year, I flew home. An emergency flight home because my Grandmother was very sick and facing amputation of her leg.
When I arrived at the airport, my Dad suggested we go right to the hospital. When we walked into her room, she took a drastic change... very sick and a sea of doctors and nurses running down the hall. A vigil began. I didn't want to leave her. I stayed as long as MY body could handle helping with hers. I have never seen this beautifully strong woman so weak...
I remember watching her every move and wiping her beautiful face with cold cloths and quenching her dried lips with cool water. My family would write down everything we could about her medications, progress, and down turns.
We never left her... no one left her... but... I had to leave right after her surgery... literally, I saw her in recovery and then had to fly home to nurture my children and love them just the same.
The past year, I mourned the loss of one Grandmother, the loss of friendships, the loss of my first home as we moved onward in Leo's career... but, in our children... I have always found the strength to make sure that things move smoothly for them through all these changes.
And... I have been reading this. It's amazing how you can find strength through others. I love The Neinei dialogues and I hope you will, also.
And by the way... my grandmother is standing at her PT and doing the most amazing job ever with her recovery. And... we will be heading "home" to see her soon!

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