Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stand back... better yet... save yourself!!!

I am about to break out the sewing machine! Save yourselves!!!!! From my teeth gritting, quiet cursing (there are children in the house), and frustration. I am going to attempt THIS!

Leo took Goosie out on the search for dish towels and did not find one as cute as this tutorial... but the ones he found had lines so that should make it somewhat easier. IF I can accomplish this skirt... it will cost no more than $1.50... because he found great deals on tea towels at T.J. Maxx. Since I had bronchitis... and now, pleurisy to boot... they went on the search.

I have bought a self healing cutting mat and a rotary cutter... and now I regret not paying attention to my Grandmother in her sewing room when I would go to Virginia and spend a week with her in the Summer. She was a seamstress and people would bring their sewing to her throughout the week. She had a room at the front of her big brick house that was just for sewing... and I believe, Soap Operas, too :). She would make all types of things along with my Great Grandmother... if they weren't baking pies and frying chicken... they were sewing. My children go to the park to this day with one of the quilts that my Great Grandmother made. We use it, eat picnic lunches on it... and feel like we take a part of her with us to enjoy sunshine and good food.

If I can pull this one sewing project off... WATCH OUT, Ladies and Gentlemen! It could be as bad as the Cricut bug I seem to have!


Sara said...

The skirts are adorable. You'll do a great job and I can't wait to see your finished product. I have always wanted to learn to sew and monogram items. I'm planning to purchase a machine and take lessons when Aiden starts preschool in the fall. Sorry that you're still feeling so sick. Get some rest and take care of yourself!

Pernilla said...

You go girl!