Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheap or Thoughtful... I WANT your opinion!

This year... I'm starting EARLY!
I have a plan.

I PLAN on saving money and making Christmas gifts this year. I would like to work on items a little each month but then I have to question myself.... over and over.

Will people think we are being cheap or will they actually like getting something homemade???

It is such a hard call. See... we would like to purchase a car this year. We would like to purchase it with cash so we have "buckled down."

So... what is your take on the "handmade" gift? I have over 40 ideas in my "favorites" and I am anxious to start... I promise... it won't be a handknitted reindeer sweater that you will feel absolutely mortified to wear :)


Sara said...

I love receiving homeade gifts. They mean so much more to me because you spend time making them. I also love receiving an assortment of baked goods. I gave away lots of baked goods last year and they were very well received. I purchased custom bakery boxes and had holiday labels printed with
our family name on them. Go for it girl!

Great goal! We are also saving for a replacement car that we're planning to purchase in about two years. Paying cash for vehicles is the way to go in my opinion! Good luck!!!

Staci said...

I LOVE homemade gifts!! They mean so much more to me!