Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's YOUR fortune?

I do not proclaim to be a talented scrapbooker by any means but... I came across this neat project when "surfing" blogs one day and it is one of my favorites! I found the instructions here.

If you use your Cricut, I found that doing the circles in 3 1/2 inches gave you nine circles per 12x12 page. I know that the instructions in the link said 4" circles but I made mine a bit smaller to maximize the use of paper. I liked that the link had fortunes included if you wanted to use them. AND... I liked that it isn't a gender specific craft! Also, I used a hot glue gun to keep mine together and it worked perfectly. I didn't have the adhesive tape the instructions required so I tried my trusty glue gun and it worked!

Now... I want some Chinese food :)!

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