Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Grateful List

On my other blog... which seems to have lost readers and will be shut down soon if traffic doesn't flow again... I had started a "Grateful Journal."

As Mr. Rondeau was sleeping last night, the rain was falling hard on the window next to me and I thought about the day that had come to an end.

The day that ended was wonderful and this is why...

*After dropping Goosie off at school, I took Boomer to the little park across the street and he squealed with joy in the baby swing!

*We came home and were surprised with girlfriends as the door! The first stop for a friend that had just returned from a long journey!

*Mr. Rondeau called twice to chat during the day!

*Goosie and Boomer gobbled lunch and played soccer in the yard!

*Ironing complete!

*Goosie and Boomer napped... not a stir was heard.

*A dear friend called to "chat" :).

*A package arrived... a St. Patrick's Day gift was at the door from Boomer's Godfathers!

*Boomer smothered me with hugs and kisses

*bubble bath for Goosie and Boomer

*Mr. Rondeau talked to a man about a fence!

*There are a pile of projects to be sewn or created... that means gifts are to be given!

*Stories were read... in abundance... and three were read by Goosie!

*We have a roof over our heads, food in our tummy, and love in our heart!

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Pernilla said...

And about that other blog.. eh... I keep forgetting the password. :)