Monday, March 9, 2009



There are days in our lives where we look for strength. As humans, as men and women, and as mothers and fathers.

These past few weeks... with the flu, crazy work hours, etc. The word strength was needed very much in our home.

Thursday morning, Goosie became very sick with the stomach flu. I have never seen her this sick before. Holding her body as she was exhausted and limp, I just needed a glimmer of strength. We knew it was just the flu but being so tired from all the other nonsense that we get caught up in daily... we were just getting so tired.

Then... Boomer comes up to Goosie on the couch and hands her her thermos of ice water to drink. Then, he brings her a doll. He bends down close to her and says, " You okay?"

At two, he is strong for her... even though he is the little brother.

Yesterday, they had been up and down the stairs due to tornado sirens... and... they took it in stride. Goosie goes to sit on the bench near the window and Boomer decides to join her. And... I was snapping some photos around the house. I look over and I snapped this picture. They were together on the bench holding hands.

In our children... we find our strength.