Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm a "Nothing" and I will keep working hard at it...

Goosie's first day of 1st Grade
I apologize for the blog interruption. The sister of Boomer's Godfather died and we took a trip "home" to be with his sweet Godfather.
After all that traveling alone with the kids, it was time to come home and prepare for the new school year. Goosie kept saying that she wanted to be homeschooled and that she didn't want to go to school this year. It tore me up inside, terribly... But, onward and upward we moved forward with the back to school shopping and prepping for the new year.
Goosie and I had many talks about why school is so important and I asked her if she wanted a career when she grew up and moved on with life. She said, "I want to be nothing... just like you."
tears welling in my eyes
deep breath
coming to terms with what she meant
I had a career at one time... I actually worked until the Christmas break before she was due. I worked in a school where restraints occured daily and it wasn't safe for anyone to be there late in pregnancy. She doesn't understand that I left behind 10 years of teaching to be her Mommy... the best job in the whole entire world.
My paycheck comes in hugs and kisses now. Bonuses are snuggles and sweet memories.
I explained to her that being at home is hard work and I cherish my job... I can't really say that I'm over this one yet.

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Yvonne Camp said...

Well thanks! I, too, am a "nothing" and loving every minute of it. Even though mine are 12 and (almost) 15, I still find there is much to do and that they really need me. Being "nothing" has meant more to me than any paying job I've held. = ) Best wishes to your career in nothingness.