Thursday, October 28, 2010

My beautiful, Goosie

Hello! Yep, I'm alive ;). It's been a tumultuous ride here lately with activities, appointments and emotions but I believe all are in check.
I wanted to write about my beautiful daughter and what I witnessed in her classroom yesterday... bear with me... I'm bragging.
I was fortunate yesterday to have a sweet neighbor babysit Boomer so that I could attend Goosie's classroom Halloween party. Oops, I mean Fall Party... forgive my political incorrectness.
It was a fun time with the kids going from station to station. I have to say, it was nice talking her classmates and laughing with them. After all the activities were complete, the "end of the day" madness ensued. Backpacks, agendas, goodie bag distribution... so much to do when you are 6 years old.
The teacher instructed the kids to write in their agendas to indicate to parents there was a new newsletter and spelling words in the agenda. I watched Goosie write down the information, turn her agenda sideways, and help the boy beside her write the information down in the correct spot. This was the same boy that pointed out Goosie's drawing in a mural we did for "Fall Party" and state to me, "She never gives up, she always keeps working at something and never gives up."
I. Love. Her.

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