Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I think that this time of year we can get so caught up in the stressors of life that we miss some of the fantastic things that Christmas has to offer. The beginning of this week was full of class holiday parties and the arrival of my parents.
On Monday, I had the car loaded with goodie bags, teacher gifts, backpacks and my schedule for the day... which is quite full on Mondays.
Boomer was to sing at a nursing home with his Preschool class... a school that does not have transportation so it meant running back and forth a total of 4 times that morning.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The patients at the nursing home were so thankful to have them there and I started to think about my own grandparents and, slso, the Mr.'s grandmother. It has to be so difficult to be in the same surroundings day after day and the thought of any visitor would be amazing.
Boomer sang very well and made me quite proud.
Goosie had ballet that same night and her teacher invited us into the classroom to see her perform a Nutcracker doll dance. She amazed me with her skill and beauty.
This is all I could have dreamed of for Christmas... healthy, beautiful, amazing children.

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