Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Having a cold and what it means for me...

Living with chronic pain from RA, you learn to deal with things literally one step at a time. Last week I had issues with high liver panels, then swelling, and even a head cold. I had to eventually go to the doctor when breathing became labored. Sitting in an urgent care facility, I risk even more infection due to the medications that I am on which lower my immune system.
After 3 hours in urgent care and possibilities of everything from congestive heart failure, pneumonia and upper respiratory infection, I was relieved to hear it was an upper respiratory infection.
The doctor prescribed an antibiotic. Good right? Well... No... that means no shot this week. And... due to the liver panels coming back high, I cannot even take a tylenol. Seems easy right? No, that means nothing for pain for 7 days. And... the possibility of a "flare." A "flare" is when my immune system goes crazy and even my eyebrows hurt. Sadly to say, things are already happening. It means more rest and less stress!
No matter what... I have my resources that are cute and lovable and that is my motivation!

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