Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I know it has nearly two months since I posted. Life became so overwhelming very suddenly. I lost two precious people in a year. Days spent by bedsides this year watching people I love suffer and pass on took a toll on my soul and my body. Then, the past month of watching our sweet Goosie go through her own medical issues made me realize how even more precious life is for us. I want to thank everyone that has prayed for her and kept her in their thoughts. Goosie will be going to Children's this week to seek further answers as to why she has experienced idiopathic intracranial hypertension (a.k.a. psuedo tumor). This Thursday, my life will continue through another trial as I battle my own Rheumatoid arthritis and begin a new medication. I will start Orencia IV infusions. I will no longer do the Humira shots at home but will now go to the doctor's office and have medication infused through an IV in 30 minute sessions. I am searching for relief from pain and fatigue so that I can be the best mother possible for my children. Goosie and Boomer Bowtique is back and I am currently taking special orders. Please feel free to contact me through this blog, Facebook page, or personal email: hils12ac@yahoo.com to place an order. Thank you for remaining loyal friends, family and customers!!!

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