Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pallet Repurposing!

It has been ages since I have posted!!!! I wanted to post about one of the projects that we did for our backyard patio. We had a pallet that was delivered with some stone this Spring. The pallet wouldn't fit in my car so... I was able to keep it with some pursuation! First, we pressure washed the pallet to get rid of all of the dust and stone debris. I was able to find a package of hooks at WalMart: 6 for $7.00. My husband drilled the pilot holes and then attached with hooks with the included screws. Also, I found a slate chalkboard in the craft section at WalMart. Using chalk ink, I wrote "treats" on one side and "towels" on the other. We will be able to use the baskets for popcorn and snacks when we host backyard movie nights for our friends. When we are having sprinkler fun, we will be able to hang towels on the pallet for easy access. One nice thing about the baskets is that they can be easily removed for smores items and taken to the firepit area, also. I am looking forward to using our "treat station" quite a bit this Summer!!!

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