Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goosie turns 5 today!


Happy Birthday, Goosie!

It's seems so incredible that it has been 5 years already!

Leo and I are so very proud of our Goosie! She approaches the world with wide eyes and wonder. It's amazing how a 5 year old can see something good in everyone and I just wish that innocence could remain.

She has become such a beauty and wonder to us... even on the days of feather boas, Barbies, and dress up :).


Lisha said...

Happy Birthday :)

Cameron said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Alden. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and weekend with your family. Enjoy your grandma and grandpa too. The memories are priceless.

Love and hugs,
Mary,Cary, and Cameron

Sara said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I hope she has the happies birthday ever!! Can't wait to read all about her mother/daughter tea birthday party.