Monday, December 28, 2009

Letters from Iraq

I've been so very blessed lately to receive quite a few letters/cards from the Mr.
I have had some struggles these past few days with the fact that I have become selfish out of self-preservation. My selfishness is not to hurt anyone or done maliciously... I'm exhausted. I'm very tired and dealing with what seems to be weekly "flare-ups." I have had to start realizing that I need to step back and take care of myself and the little people that rely on me daily.

I received a letter today that had special meaning for me... because... it said this:
"I miss you and I'm glad this is almost over. As a test, I feel like we passed with flying colors. All this did was reaffirm my love and dedication for you. Yes, it is miserable being away from you and the kids, but it has proven that we are strong. Strong than ever."

I hope the Mr. doesn't mind my sharing this. It meant so much to me to read those words because this is exactly how I feel about us.

I have some wonderful news that the bone is regrowing in my cervical spine fusing to the surgery site! That is amazing since there were some doubts at the last doctor's appointment. Now, I get to battle for two referrals... one a renewal to the neurosurgeon and one to a rheumatologist. I hope these are easily won! As of today, if the military moves as scheduled... I'm looking at hugging the Mr. in 49 days!


Pernilla said...

I knew it before. You didn't need the test. The test is stupid. ;)

And Hilary. You could never be selfish. But you need to take care of yourself, that I agree with.

You are awesome, so is your man. (Even though he is mean to his Swedish almost sister with his blonde jokes).

And the most awesome ones are your kids that totally accept the situation and handle it so well.

Lots of love from Sweden!

Leo Rondeau said...

Of course I don't mind if you shared my words. I'd tell the entire world my feelings for you if I could.

You are not being selfish by taking care of yourself and the kids. They are your priority. Everything else comes second!

Soon we will be back together as a family.

I love you!