Saturday, December 12, 2009

What 100 days has taught me...

I have learned quite a bit during these first 100 days of deployment.
One thing I have had to do is step away from my blog. I had to make the decision to leave the laptop and just simply go to bed. I'm the only one to take care of the kids and they need me fresh and ready.
And here are some of the other things I have learned:

1. I know exactly who my friends are and I don't need a ton of friends in my life. I have had to do some "friend weeding" this year and less drama = peaceful living.

2. There is soooo much truth to the phrase... deployment makes a strong marriage stronger and a weak marriage weaker. I feel like our marriage is even stronger than before!

3. You really know who will be there and who won't. Even if it's a phone call or a letter in the mail, it means so very much.

4. Just when you think you can't handle anymore... there is one more test!

5. Kids are resilient but they really need a team of support. Any extra phone calls, cards, etc. help them so much.

6. Drive-thru post office windows would be all the rage for deployed spouses... until you have pushed a stroller and lugged two or more boxes in the rain only to get to the post office that has no handicap door.... you could never truly understand!!!!

7. My neighborhood Rotary Club ROCKS! They provide two free boxes a month to deployed families! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have only paid to ship one box during this 100 days!!!!!!

8. I am so fortunate to have my kids with me... Leo goes to sleep each night in a bunk with no one to kiss him and say, "I love you." Every morning of our marriage that he has been home I have said, "Be safe." He replies, "ALWAYS ;)" I miss saying that to him.

9. Daddy Dolls... they are expensive. Looking for a place to give a donation... try This has helped our kids so much and they carry them everywhere.

10. Take a deep breath, let the small stuff go... it will ALWAYS be there tomorrow!


Pernilla said...

You rock! Lots of hugs!

Leo Rondeau said...

My comments:

1. Whoever said "you can never have too many friends" was never deployed or married to someone who was. The phrase should be "you can never have too many TRUE friends"
2. Stonger every day. I have no doubts, only certainties!
5. Thank-you to everyone who have been there for my children. My wife, our family, friends...Thank-you!
7. Those boxes are awesome!
8. I may not get the hugs and kisses I so want, but I do have my kids with me every night. I use the pillow case with my children's picture on it every night!