Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lamp Transformation!

I had put out a request on Facebook for table lamps that anyone might be looking to get rid of or toss. One of our AWESOME neighbors came through for us! I wanted to take the lamps and make pillar candle holders for our patio that could withstand high winds and, also, look impressive on our table. I had never met, Jessica, in person until yesterday and this is what she gave us! She gave us two of the sassy brass lamps and the pink lamp. The brass lamps are SUPER heavy! So... this is what we did: The Mr. removed all of the electric components from the lamps. Then, I have the lamps a good coat of spray primer. Primer is a MUST when you are dealing with brass. Oh, and we had these three crazy small bundt pans that we never used... the Mr. drilled holes into the pans and attached them to the lamps to hold a candle. Since we have a tendency to get a strong wind some days on our patio we will be able to "screw" the candle down onto the pan. After the lamps were primed, I sprayed them with Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Ivory. Once that dried, I added a vinyl "R" to the former pink lamp. Now, I just need to find those candles and we are good to go for a night on the patio!!!!

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