Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tutorial: How to make a chalkboard stand for treats!

Happy Weekend!!! I wanted to feature a tutorial today based on some items we have had around our home. We had made the candle chandelier for our gazebo and I had changed the globes for new ones. We had the old ones left so this project is based from three glass chandelier globes and 3 pieces of MDF boards. First, I took the three pieces of MDF and primed them. After priming the boards, I sprayed them with chalkboard spraypaint. You only need to do one side since the other side will not be seen. Once the boards are primed and painted with chalkboard paint. Let them sit for 24 hours. Then, you must "prime" the boards by covering them with chalk. Afterwards wash the boards clean. To add an extra special "touch," I hot glued ribbon around the edge of the boards. After you have primed your boards with chalk, wiped them clean, and attached the ribbon, it is time to attach the glass globes to the board. I suggest a strong glue such as E6000. Once the glue has set, it is time for a celebration!!!! You could use these for appetizers, or breakfast treats with a sweet message. The possibillites are endless!!! Please note: do not put food items directly on the chalkboard. Always us a plate between the food and the board.

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