Friday, January 20, 2012

An Easy and Explosive Valentine's Day Idea!

It seems as though EVERYONE is on a budget these days and even if you aren't here is a fun, inexpensive and explosive way to tell your Valentine that you love them!
You will need:
Red paper
black pipe cleaners (I got mine at WalMart/ a pack for 77 cents)
Three packages of Rolos
some string or ribbon

Cut the paper to the size of the Rolos and then wrap the red paper around the Rolo and tape.

Once the Rolos are wrapped, tape the pipe cleaner to one of the Rolos (it just makes it easier and less chance of it slipping out the bottom).

Tape all three Rolo packs together with the pipe cleaner on the "inside" of the group. I, then, taped the three Rolos together. Then, wrap your ribbon or string around the outside and include a cute tag. I simply printed a tag that said: "Valentine, you are dynamite!"
Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for stopping by the blog!

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