Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Project and Giveaway Reminder

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Now, onto business :). I had seen this tutorial on popsicle stick bracelets covered with fabric. It is a GREAT tutorial but I wanted to cover mine with all the yarn that I end up having left over from projects.
First you soak the sticks in hot water and leave them all day.
Next, take them out of the water and place them inside a small up with flat sides... leave them all night.
In the morning, they should be dry and you can pop them out of the cup!
I decided to cover mine with yarn. Since my daughter will most likely be the one wearing them, I did reinforce the yarn ends with some hot glue (just hide it on the inside).
You could embellish these with felt flowers, buttons, fabric flowers... just about anything! This is a SUPER cheap project and easy for kids!
(please note, yes, I had red popsicle sticks left over from a previous project. the color simply came off in the water when soaked... it didnt' really make a difference.)

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