Monday, June 15, 2009

We interrupt this blog...

for a weather post...

Last Monday, while at ballet, we experienced our first tornado here in the Midwest. It really could be the last one I experience. A storm came swift and fast and there weren't sirens this time. However, I'm not sure there are sirens in that area because we weren't home. We were all huddled in the hallway of Goosie's ballet studio. Boomer was home with the MR. in our basement... the MR. was calling us with the report that the tornado was right over our area.
Once we heard things were clear... we headed home and saw wrecks, telephone poles that looked as if they were lifted and then put down carefully. It was bizarre. If you know me, I was terrified to move here because of the weather. After seeing barns destroyed, metal wrapped around trees, and a home reduced to one little room (the room that the 80 year old couple was huddled in for safety and SURVIVED!), I didn't leave the house for a couple of days.
The MR. told me the sky turned green that day. I missed that... and I'm quite glad.
So... why the post... um...
It isn't looking very good for us today in the weather department.
Am I prepared??????? Yes!!!!!!!!!!! The MR. and I are ready... but are you really ever ready?

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