Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Scream... Ice Cream SOCIAL!

cupcake toppers made with the assistance of the Cricut :)
Yummy toppings!

Simple decorations... topic of this post!

This year the MR. and I decided to host an ice cream social for his office. And... we decided to plan it in a week and a half... normally, I like a month :)... that's because nothing can be simple with me for some reason.
We had done some very easy decorations one year for Halloween and believe it or not... they made the move last Summer. I revamped them for this party and it is a very simple outdoor decoration!
All you need is:
mason jar
hot glue
shapes cut from paper or one of these cute fans
(the fans came from Oriental Trading and the ice cream cone shape was from my Cricut)

Tie raffia around the top of the mason jar/then do the same with the ribbon.
Fill the jar with sand (play sand will do just fine... and it's on sale this time of year)
Hot glue paper shapes or fan to a skewer and then stick into the sand
Now, I don't suggest you do this on a windy day and then put them near food...
it could make the food a bit gritty to say the least :).
I, also, printed out the word "welcome" on some card stock, cut it out, and tied it with some gardening string.
If you need lots of outdoor adornments, you can do a dozen in no time at all... and if you shop around for the jars... it is inexpensive, too!

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