Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 4 of DRAB TO FAB!!!

Oh... this is just too DRAB~ (and a bit cheap... I must add... but they smell so good and do the job)

Naked wipes container

FABULOUS personalized container... keep scrolling!!!!

isn't that so cute... a flower on the lid... heeheheh

Ribbon? Why Goosie and Boomer... I'm so surprised!!!!

Keep scrolling!

a shot from every angle...

What? It's a plastic grocery bag container for your car!!!!!!!!!!

What the heck?

I have to be honest... the first time I made one of these... it was a bit of a joke.

My dear friend that has 4 beautiful children that all got the flu and they were um... vomitting... (ewwww... I know)

in the car. So... I made her a "barf bag" container. But, it is kinda cute and you could just use it to gather up trash! You could whip this out during carpool and amaze the kids... well, maybe not but it would be cute in the car!

So... in order for you to get more entries... you need to join as a follower or leave comments. I'm gonna make this one easy... click on the comments below the post and give this container a name! Make me laugh!!!!!

The giveaway ends Saturday night... and then I will announce the winner on Sunday!


Nuclear Sheep said...

So i have to give this vomit bag device a name? How about...

Vertical O-shaped Multiples Included Totes by Boomer And Goosie...

Then you can make it into an acronym:

Leo Rondeau said...

Various Objects Maintained In This Beautiful Accessory Gatherer