Monday, October 19, 2009

Tomorrow is my special day, too...

photo by: J. Crawford Photography
Tomorrow, Boomer will be 3. Most of the day, it will just be the two of us. My boy holding my hand much like he gripped it the first time I put my finger into the palm of his little hand.
It is such a bittersweet day... His father will miss it all and that totally breaks my heart... for both of them.
Three years ago, the Mr. and I held hands and in one very calm and quiet birth... our son was born.
He amazes me every single day.
Isn't it bizarre how... as mothers... we get caught up in how exhausted we are doing everything for them... but, in retrospect... I have been blessed with being able to witness nearly every single aspect of Goosie and Boomer's life.
The cake is made and ready to be decorated.
The gifts are wrapped and ready for hours of play.
The hugs and kisses are about to burst from my being...
But, inside, I'm so brokenhearted for the Mr. and Boomer... I wish you both could be together.
I can't wait till the day we stop talking about when he is coming home.


Pernilla said...

You make me cry. He will have a wonderful day with his wonderful sister and amazing mother. Lots of huge hugs to all of you. You there at home and you too far away from it.

Lisa said...

You've made me cry with this post. I pray this will be the last birthday Leo misses....and there will be so many more birthdays.

Leo Rondeau said...

All right! That's enough. I don't need to be tearing up at work. I hate that I'm going to be missing this but I know I'll have many more with the three of you. I was thinking of the day he was born and how I put my hand on him when they were taking blood and he stopped crying. And how after I made the phone calls saying "he's here" I came in and gave him an eskimo kiss thinking I was the first one to do that and you had beeten me to the punch! :) Thank-you for doing all you do for our family. I WILL make it up to you when I get back.

Pernilla said...

Hilary, I am your witness here. HE WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU WHEN HE GETS HOME. He he. These "few" months might not be so bad after all, your man will do whatever you like when he comes home. Wonderful!