Monday, January 11, 2010

A birthday wish... save my sole ;)

So... today is my birthday. I want a quiet one. I mean that! A QUIET one! I would love a moment in the bathroom without someone asking me to do something for them because they have me captured in a secluded spot.
But, what I really want... a pedicure. I believe the last one I had was when I had a spa day in WV for a Mother's Day. Oh, it was so luxurious to have the whole day plus lunch in a place filled with adults... but, I really didn't know what to do with myself.
Well... back to the subject. Between the neglect, horrible cold, arthritis, whateva... I have the worst feet in the world and the Mr. is heading home soon. I would hate to have him feel my "gravel feet" cuddling up to him in the middle of the night ;).
Oh, and blog comments... I would love some blog comments. I have my ever faithful Mr. and Pernilla leaving me comments but come on people... it's my birthday. ;)

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