Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm a very fortunate woman...

Yesterday, I was really down.
I am blaming the steroids for most of it. The lack of the Mr. for a bit of it... and myself for a lot of it.
Thank you to all that filled my voice mail, Facebook, and email with birthday wishes!
And... the gifts!
I even received two flower deliveries!
One from SWEDEN! The second arrangement came from my Grandparents and Uncle!
My Mom bought me a second favorite blanket because my first became everyone else's blanket! (long story but if you have ever been to our house and been on our leather sofa... you will understand the blanket story!)
The Mr. was able to send me some hot cocoa mixes for my hot cocoa maker (PEANUT BUTTER!!!!)
I got a delivery of cookies, too, from Team Day!
My nephew, James, even called... reduced me to tears! I was so thrilled to hear from him.
I cried most of the day, to be honest. I am hoping this was just a fluke with the medicine. I miss the Mr. now more than ever... why is the end so much harder than the beginning?
I don't know if I will have the answer but I do know this... Goosie said she had a dream last night that she was asleep on Valentine's Day Eve and that Daddy snuck into the house and gathered us all in the big bed and we woke up snuggled in each other's arms with Daddy home... I love that dream!


Pernilla said...

The end is always harder, no matter what it is. It's beacuse you are almost there but you aren't. Great explanation, right... ;)
You are great and you can do this, just a little longer!

And that dream is so cute. I was even fantasizing (spelling?!) about him coming home on your birthday, that he had planned the secret from the beginning. No such luck... It would have been great but I guess only in Hollywood..

Leo Rondeau said...

I promised Hilary I wouldn't try to surprise her by coming home unannounced. I tend to do things like that and she asked me not to. Coming home is too important to not let them be ready. I'll be home soon baby. I'm shivering in anticipation.