Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I love Vistaprint...

I'm in love with Vistaprint and I have been for quite some time. This website has made savings upon savings possible for gifts, cards and invitations!
Right now, if you search... there are plenty of items for free. You only have to pay the shipping!
I was able to get Goosie's custom Valentine's for free to hand out for school, ballet, etc. I, also, got free sticky notes, a note pad, and labels for baggies I use to put hairbows in to sell! I paid $10.35 for all of it... that was the cost of the shipping. Everything is personalized and one thing you must remember... order in advance so that you can choose the slow shipping. It says it takes 21 days with the slow shipping but I have had it show up earlier than that. This is how you get the savings!

What a great idea so start thinking about Easter, Mother's Day, etc. Scan and see what else you can get for free... rubber stamps, address labels, etc.! ENJOY!

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Leo Rondeau said...

That place rocks! I've gotten business cards from them and they do a great job!