Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mommy, Daddy, the Principal and Shrek

So... I feel like I'm on a desert with this one. Alone with just the Mr. and feeling like an overprotective, freakish mother.
Feel free to leave comments... I will examine my position and more than likely, I won't change my morals.
As a reward, Goosie's school is taking the kids (and I mean all grades) to a local theater to see the new Shrek movie. Yes, I said Shrek. Shrek is PG. Goosie is 6 years old.
We decided that our kindergartener was not going to see the movie due to the sexual innuendo, foul humor, and the language. When I called to ask the Principal if there was an alternative, he seemed like I was crazy for not letting my child attend such an event. He even stated that he was allowed to take the kids to a PG-13 movie. I questioned that statement with the fact that he has a school of children ages 12 and under.
I feel like I'm on an island these days because I don't let my kids watch certain movies. They are allowed an hour of TV a day and most days don't even get that. Goosie is now bordering on a third grade reading level and Boomer can count to 30, spell his name, knows his phone number and started learning sight words.
I like interacting with my kids. They are so funny and interesting... I know that when I send them out into the world they are going to experience all types of "Shrek" life but for a school reward... I find it a bit bold.

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©LifeShots Photography said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! I have had problems with this particular subject and principal as well. Stick to your guns. We moved away, but will NOT be attending this movie and were NOT going to be attending if we had been there. I already got "called into the principal's office" once this year for questioning something. Go girl.