Monday, April 19, 2010

My new Mondays...

As of a week ago Friday, I have been diagnosed with RA. It was a huge shock to us... I had seen a rheumatologist before vacation and he ordered 22 blood tests and 32 xrays. We can say that he was very thorough. I figured he would come back with the diagnosis of psoriatic or osteo arthritis. I had already been diagnosed with osteoarthritis years ago. Not the case. It is RA.

I have RA.

My Mondays now consists of 7 pills. One in particular... I take 3 pills of the same medicine and it isn't a nice one. I have to say that after one week, though... I am climbing stairs with a quickness. So, my new Mondays consist of spacing out the pills and my new Tuesdays consist of vomitting... well... the last one did. Let's home tomorrow is not the case! Because I'm ready to have a GREAT week!

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