Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When is it okay?

to sit on the floor and say enough?
I made it through another Tuesday.
I was able to get all the linens washed because we love clean sheet day here in Goosie and Boomer land ;). The kids love seeing which sheets they will be getting each week... they're funny like that!
The Mr. was off today so we picked up Goosie early from school and headed to the theater to see "Oceans." The movie was spectacular! Then, we headed to Red Lobster for dinner... where else would you eat after seeing all that ocean food??????
I could only order an appetizer and it was hard to choke down half of that wood fired shrimp bruschetta... still feeling sick and having gotten sick several times that morning.
Goosie did her homework while she waited for her dinner so we just had a bit to finish at home... heading home, I felt like my stomach was swirling and whirling.
Sure enough... we were in the door five minutes and I was sick, again.
This time it felt like a semi hit me sideways and a human torture device grabbed my back and gripped me into a painful twist.
Into bed I went, with my head on the nice cold pillow.
Then, the phone rings... it was my Mom. I had not heard from her and just had a gut feeling something was going on "back East" all day.
Sure enough............ (this one called for an extra long ellipses)
My Grandfather was taken to the hospital.
I am trying not to stress... looks like he is going to be there for a few days. Oh, the power of prayer needs to be in overdrive because my parents have been going through some VERY tough times lately.
I'm blowing you kisses, Granddad... I love you so much!

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