Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looking forward to...


It has been a bit crazy here since two days before Christmas. On a personal note on this blog, I had 4 more shots two days before Christmas. These were "trigger point" injections so they weren't quite as bad as the epidural injection I had on December 4th. I had a "cranial block" done, also. The cranial block has helped with the neck pain and back pain and on Monday I start Physical Therapy! This should all lead to great relief and many more posts about crafts/projects, bows and more!

I am sorry that I did not post the Chocolate Marbled Bark recipe but I will in the near future. After Santa delivered all his goodies, our dear Goosie caught the flu... only added to all the other crazy stuff!

In addition, I am sneaking some time on the computer... Our NOAA radio has not stopped sounding it's alarm throughout the house... we are under a Tornado Watch and Severe Thunderstorm Warning, currently... my parents got out of here just in time this morning. So much for my thinking that we were clear this year for the tornado season. Of course, everytime the warning signal alarms... I jump. I am so glad that we purchased this radio!!!! We don't have the TV on much and this allows us to get the LATEST weather alerts. And crank flashlights are awesome, too :).

So... we wish you all a wonderful New Year and I will be posting more very soon! As ALWAYS, thank you so much for reading and sharing this blog! We loved all the great holiday cards and emails that you sent!


Pernilla said...

Darling! Things sound hectic! Did you get my Christmas e-mail?

Sara said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm looking forward to more of your creations in the near future. Stay safe!