Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas... Pop Art Style


I have been playing with Pop Art... it is so much fun to play with different photos!

These are sleds that my brother and I rode when we were kids.

I love these sleds because they bring back such great memories for me...

One time, a kid in our neighborhood lived at the top of the hill and he took his Dad's garden hose and let the water run down parts of the hill and it iced up REAL well.

We all brought our sleds to the hill and my Dad got a running start and we all piled on top of him on the big sled. Dad "mis" steered and we ended up in a field of bushes... all flying in different directions. No one cared... we just climbed to the top of the hill and did it again... minus my Dad... I think we gave him a hernia :)

or... at least...

a horrible back ache!

No hills here in Illinois... and plastic sleds are now the thing... I miss the old days :)

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