Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas card display... a story of a shutter and some glitter

Last year my husband and I decided that we would try to find a shutter to display our Christmas cards. In actuality, we did not have a very difficult time finding an old shutter. It was painted a dark green with a great many chips on the paint. I took a wire brush and removed the chips of paint and then rubbed some red paint over the shutter in various places. We used clothes pins to attach the cards. This year I used gold and silver for our decorations so I took the clothes pins and did the following:
cover one side of the clothes pins with glue then sprinkle glitter and allow to dry for several hours. I used Martha Stewart glitter. Now, you are good to go for your Christmas card display!
(We found our old shutter at an antique shop. I have seen them at flea markets and thrift stores as well)

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