Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An inexpensive way to impress holiday guests/or a simple gift

Holidays seem to drain our energy and our wallets, at times. Here is an easy way to impress guests OR a very inexpensive gift idea. We're talking SUGAR CUBES... special shaped sugar cubes. You will want to start with a mold. You could use a chocolate mold or a small ice cube tray like the one I have used. You can find these ice cube trays even at Dollar Tree or Dollar General these days and they, often, come in a pack of two! So we are at $1.00 in price. You will need a bowl, a cup of sugar and a teaspoon of water. Mix the sugar and water in a bowl and then begin spooning the sugar into the trays. Pack the sugar in each mold. One cup of sugar filled two trays for me.
Now, here's the trick... leave it on the counter all night. There is nothing else to do but put up your feet and relax. In the morning, tap out the molds and you have sugar cubes! Put them in an airtight container or some baggies for gifts along with some coffee or tea and you have a gift. These make great party favors, also. How simple! Water, sugar, molds, and wait! Happy Holidays!

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